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Hard and soft

Posted in Dream,Personal by Will on Saturday, September 17th, 2005 ~ 3pm

Why did I have another dream about a person I know?Yeez. You ever have dreams that you aren’t actually in? This was sort of like that. I was in the introduction, though. In this world the internet hadn’t taken off but video trading had. Born from the coaxial cable revolution of the early 1980s I suppose, information was traded in video bursts rather than in the text we use today.

Looking at a wall of small monitors displaying the latest offerings in some kind of kiosk I noticed that a few – two or three – were video bursts of R! The screens, until you played them, only showed a single frame highlight to indicate what the content was, but it was clear even from these still frames that these were sex bursts, for each was a frame of the human-as-canvas Jackson Pollock-style spunk finale. So I bought one, or selected one, or whatever one did to acquire or sample these.

The amazing bit of the dream from my perspective was that in this dream I at last had that most rare of all kinds of videos, the kind that so rarely falls into one’s posession, a viddy of someone you actually know, getting it on. Such tapes are of course legend in real life. As a bit of a video collector (tv on dvd, movies on dvd), this was like the coolest find since half the fun in collecting anything is the level of unlikelyness in being able to obtain it.

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