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Projector bulb go snap crackle

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, September 17th, 2005 ~ 11pm

bulb…pop! Half way through Xena Warrior Princess “Hooves and Harlots”, the bulb exploded. For a second I feared the vapor might be deadly xenon*, a concern made more acute by the fact that a split second after the “pop” I smelled the burnt air. But after running out of the room for a few minutes I ventured back and surveyed the damage, which was none to speak of. Just some glass particles inside the projector which I vacuumed out. Pretty neat and tidy and self-contained. I’m belaboring the description of the bulb popping because I don’t want to get to the sentence that reveals that replacement bulbs cost about $380. They are expensive, indeed. They last about 2000 hours, and provide unsurpassed entertainment value, so there’s really no other choice but to get a replacement bulb. Man this blog entry is dull.

I found the bulb available at Gateway (the cow-colored computer place) and so I chose to order it from there, and I asked for “2 day delivery”. Oddly, their 2-day delivery target date is September 26. Now, I appreciate that today is a Saturday, but how can 2-day delivery arrive any later than, say, two days after Monday morning (i.e. the 21st)? I don’t know, but maybe they use cows to deliver their orders. That would explain the expected slow pace. But I bet… I am good with animals so I bet that cow will deliver a bulb to me much faster than it would to any neighbor. Come on cow, come on, right here, that’s a good girl. No, I can’t milk you.

*I still don’t know what the bulbs have inside them, but I am suspecting they might simply be pure vacuum. I’ve also posted an inquiry on an LCD discussion board, because I am kind of curious, even if it is too late for me (having already breathed it).

Update: It is mercury. Causes dementia. Something to look forward to, as the effect is cumulative.

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