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My Name is Earl is Wonderfalls with a moustache

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, September 21st, 2005 ~ 9pm

“A slam dunk critical hit.” – The Wall Street Journal

You know that guy you see at the convenience store – sort of shifty lookin’ fella who buys a pack of smokes, a couple of Lotto scratchers and a “tall boy” at ten in the morning – the kind of guy you wait to come out before you and your family go in…well, that guy is me…or the guy I used to be. Until I discovered Karma – Do good things and good things will happen to you, do bad things and they’ll come back to haunt you. Now I know if I want a better life, I need to be a better person…that’s why I’ve made a list of everything I’ve done wrong, a roadmap to better Karma, and I’m gonna make it right each and every one, I swear.

That’s the introduction to the tv show My Name is Earl, starring Jason Lee. I saw the first episode last night and it was great! I hope to see more of this. It has the kind of plot concept that could take it anywhere.

In fact, the underlying concept is essentially the same as Wonderfalls. In the short lived, but equally critically acclaimed series Wonderfalls, slacker Jayne was prompted to help others and thereby reform her defeatest ways by the whispers of inanimate objects. In Earl, he’s doing it for instant karma. Either way, it is a great concept, a good foundation for the writers.

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