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Ground Floor

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, October 26th, 2008 ~ 6pm

Instead of wandering around shopping today, I cleaned the basement room that is part-band-practice room, part second-living-room. I don’t use the room much, if at all, since I am not in a band and I have a perfectly good living room on the main floor.

But our new housemate has not done much with the room since he first moved in a couple months ago, and my other housemate and I had left it in a sort of half-finished state before he arrived, assuming he’d tidy up since his room is on that floor. If anything, wires multiplied. Electrical wires, appliance wires, wires to guitars and various other gizmos… I found some velcro ties and put them to good use; changed it from, oh, Nirvana to The Partridge Family in terms of neatness. Not that I ever got a good look at the Partridge Family’s cabling, but I’m assuming they kept it pretty neat.

It is tidy now, though it will never look good.

My neck is sore, but not from anything I did. I was hoping that the exercise of tidying up would loosen whatever muscles are tight, but, no sign of improvement yet.

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