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Terrible dream of multi-nuke hit on U.S.

Posted in Dream,Personal by Will on Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 ~ 1pm

I had a long dream in which a pilot was flying his open-cockpit military helicopter extremely low over my neightborhood, and this being a dream we could shout questions to him, to ask him what was going on. We wanted to know both about why he was flying so low, and why there were disconcerting bright flashes of light and color in the sky this day. The answer he shouted back was that there was at least seven and more likely eight nuclear detonations in cities across the country, in an unprecidented assault against the U.S. by an amalgamation of about 50 countries. A few of the 50 countries were terrorist states, and some of the 50 countries were simply tiny countries that we had meddled with for decades and who therefore did not like us, who had therefore bought into the terrorist plans (funded them, smuggled for them, etc).

We’d all been standing outside watching the helicopter and the light in the sky, so we were probably already irradiated pretty badly (even though we were evidently far from any of the detonations), so I didn’t know if I should go cower in the basement or not. And even the basement has a window so, that didn’t seem to have much of a point. No one wants their last moments to be looking at a rusty water tank and basement clutter.

Since dreams can be more vividly emotional, what struck me about the dream was how real this scenario was. All those silly videotapes of turban-clad terrorists saying how we will “suffer more than 9/11” that we dismiss as a fear tactic by a bunch of low-budget losers who got lucky once, could really be serious. They could very well intend to do something that would overwhelm us, and could certainly get support from many tiny countries that despise us. The world has now seen that our country is incapable of responding when even a single city is in distress (due to Hurricaine Katrina). Now that they know this, that they know that it was a lie that our government had any capacity to respond to another emergency, they may be aware more clearly than before that a same-day strike on several cities would effectively destroy the country as an independent nation, for probably a decade or a bit more. Seven nukes and that’s complete chaos, with little ability for our own country to recover on its own.

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