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Tired (a car problem)

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, October 13th, 2005 ~ 6pm

I haven’t been writing in my blog lately because aside from seeing Joss Whedon’s film Serenity (twice) I have been busy packing. And part of the packing involves getting my car across the country, and in brief I will just say that it was distressing today when I got into my car and turned the ignition only to find a glow of lights and the sound of silence.

I’d just picked up the cool Illyria action figure from Newbury Comics and was feeling good that I’d found it (since it is another of those slightly-limited deals) and so to then face the prospect of having to sit in a parking lot for six hours waiting for a tow truck was a bit heartbreaking. And especially more than usual, since this car needs to be in perfect drivable condition next week when it heads out west (ahead of me by a week). This universe has too much irony. It really does. “There is a God, and he’s a gag artist” said Blake Edwards (via actor John Ritter in the seminal classic Skin Deep), and he was truly right. I suppose there’d be slightly more irony if it had broken down while being driven across country, rather than a week before, but bear in mind that may still happen, so this can’t be seen as all good.

In any case it is a problem with the Neutral/Park switch, which switches the ignition off if it senses that the car is not safely in Park or Neutral. I didn’t have to wait for a tow truck because a neighborhood mechanic told me on the phone that there is a work-around involving pressing the brake pedal which allows you to force the gear into Neutral. Normally you cannot move the gears when your car is off (try it, you can’t), but if your key is turned to “ON” (one click short of ignition) while you apply that technique, you can pull the lever down to Neutral and then back up to Park – albeit not easily – and you then have another chance to start. It worked, so I can drive it in to be repaired. (I’ll need to do the same trick to get it started the day before the car’s appointment).

Last week I’d had my car checked out, and was told it was good-to-go across country. A couple new tires were scheduled, but that was all it needed. What gets my goat – a goat would be a slower and smellier but likely more reliable form of tranportation – is that this goes to show that even after a car has been checked out as good-to-go, it can still decide to up and break.

In related news, another light bulb blew on me today. The bathroom light. That comes on the heels of the projector bulb, and both of my two bedroom lights. So, four in the past two weeks. Maybe it is the change in temperature in this part of the country that is causing all my light bulbs to break? Or maybe I am supposed to view this as “a sign”. I tend to view such things as – if it means anything – simply indications that my time here in this apartment is at an end, which is something I already know and therefore don’t need the reminder of. But in case it is supposed to be an ominious sign, in my next blog I will write some kind of euology or something.

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