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If my plane goes foom

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, October 13th, 2005 ~ 8pm

Some thoughts in case my plane falls from the sky due to a terrorist attack. (I am writing this about two weeks ahead of my flight so I have time to revise this as I think of things).

My DVD collection can be divided between Jenn and Karin. Sony Vaio computer to Jenn (Karin already has one). Beyond that:

We’re living in a rather sucky time, a dark time, and it seems many of the great lights that had illuminated our age with good, creative works of art & intellect have been taken up. People like author Douglas Adams, prematurely taken, never even entered this dark age, and perhaps that is a blessing for them.

I believe we may come out of this dark age within a century (depending on how quickly the neocons can be ejected from public office), and if so, that is great and I’ll plan on incarnating again if that is so.

But I am trying to make the most of a bad situation here (again, the assumption that my plane has gone “foom”) so by noting that there have been some great people who have already left this world, I am implying that it is fine and good to be in their company.

(I was going to write some more, about acceptable forms of retaliation, but I think I’ll wait. Chances are my flight will go fine, but you never know).

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