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Packing list (to myself, nothing of interest here, move along, move along)

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, October 14th, 2005 ~ 2am

I don’t know what I am doing. I am packing more stuff than would be needed for a simple visit, but not as much as a full-scale move. I’m moving my car with me, but I don’t know for sure I’ll be staying there. Is this crazy?

I can fit five letter-legal boxes into the trunk of my car, with a 50/50 chance of my car trunk being broken into and it all vanishing. I can mail myself a limited number of boxes too (limited because I am a guest in someone’s home for two months).

What do I need for sure? My laptop computer (got one, a Gateway NX250X – I like that it has NX in the title, the same letters the Enterprise has on the precursor Trek series – NX-01). I’ll carry that in my shoulder bag.

My blender (need it for my protein drink). I’ll mail that ahead of myself a couple days before I leave.

Clothes – but how many? I’ve got my clothes down to four letter-legal boxes. Four boxes and three pairs of shoes. Maybe forget the shoes.

My projector – not really needed, but why not, it is small and I need my entertainment. I can ship the DVD player that goes with it, since without one it wouldn’t be very effective. For now headphones for the sound will do, though…uh oh, the DVD player doesn’t have a headphone jack. Ok, maybe the thing to do is just bring the projector, and get the projector hooked up to my laptop computer, which does have a headphone jack. I’ve never checked to see if the projector actually works with the laptop computer though. I fear it might only do a so-so job…I am so used to a deinterlaced (composite) signal… but I’ve got to think portable. Maybe just the projector. Ok.

The movies for the projector. Maybe I shouldn’t bring my movie and tv collection with me. But then again, it fits into three letter-legal boxes. Which is…more than my car can fit. Maybe I should just bring the tv series box, since I tend to watch them more than movies lately. Of course if I do this, I will immediately have a craving to watch a particular movie. Leave the porn and music videos behind, too – how often do I watch those, really? At some point in my life, maybe when I entered my 30s, I started to be more impressed by still pictures than by moving ones. I am referring of course to the music videos. Ok but seriously, perhaps start with the tv series box, and if I find that I am liking this part of the country I will have my movies sent on to me in a couple months. That makes sense, particularly as I could wait until I have a place of my own before having my movies sent on to me.

So, four boxes of clothes, one box of tv-on-dvd. In the car trunk. Hope the car doesn’t get broken into as it is being driven across the country by the friend-of-a-friend. Hope the car doesn’t conk out and the trunk contents stolen by the service station.

My one bit of revenge would be that I wear a size small shirt, so if any thieves steal my boxes of clothes they’ll be shit out of luck for clothes for themselves. (There aren’t many men who wear size small). Though I suppose they’ll clothe their kids with my stuff. At least that would be kind of charity-like.

Ship the blender. Ship the projector – padded very very very fluffily? Or bring it with me in my suitcase on the plane and hope the hyper-paranoid airplane security people don’t think it is a thermo nuclear bomb? They probably will. I wonder if the projector would get broken if I forget it is in there and I try to smoosh my clothes to fit into it? I’ll probably ship it – my suitcase isn’t as large as it looks.

I’ve been warned that in Albuquerque, deliveries are swiped off people’s porches often enough that the UPS has to hide deliveries in the shrubberies. Can you believe the world has sunk to this level of dishonor? Ok, so I’ll ship the projector to my friend’s office.

Maybe I’ll ship the projector and the one box of tv-on-DVD to my friend’s office. That’s not so bad, right? That’s not back breaking. So, all that is in the trunk would be clothes, which, if they get stolen, that’s not the worst thing in the world.

So, basically, remaining behind in storage will be my summer clothes, my shoes, my movie DVDs, as well as all the things I’d already planned to store there, which includes my books, my action figures (which I am going to fucking miss the fuck out of, if I can tell you), and my stereo.

Someday I will have a home of my own where I will be able to set up all of these things, I hope. But for now, it looks like the only “excess” thing I will be bringing will be my car, which I’ll need to get around there, that’s a fact.

OK, I feel better now. I have a plan.

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