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Posted in Music by Will on Friday, November 14th, 2008 ~ 2pm

Laura Warshauer

This is an EP, released a couple months ago, that is being promoted as her debut (even though she also had an earlier debut album in 2003), and it is fantastic — and only $7.

Her music is that folk style of pop/rock that I seem to like so much, in the same vein Deb Talan, Swati, Meg Hutchinson, etc. The following video is not one of her best songs but her best songs don’t have videos:

I searched around and found that in 2006, she had some very polished-sounding recordings freely available online, which probably led to her being signed — unfortunately it seems that when she got signed, those 2006 recordings were pulled (or at least made more difficult to find). Strangely, one of the 2006 songs is totally familiar to me, which is odd because I don’t listen to the radio. (I have a suspicion that it may seem familiar because it is reminiscent of a Deb Talan song.) I expect that they’ll probably be re-recorded for her next album, due in early 2009, but completists will want the original versions too.

Restating her discography more plainly:
2009 – Such A Lovely Place (album on major label)
2008 – Laura Warshauer (self-titled EP on major label)
2006 – set of songs, likely self-produced, released online (available here!!!)
2003 – Laura Washauer (self-titled indie album)

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