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Music discovery of the day: Rebekah Higgs

Posted in Music by Will on Monday, November 17th, 2008 ~ 2am

3 free tracks by Rebekah Higgs courtesy of her record label, some of which are not on her album so get them here! I found one of her songs on the SXSW website. Her music is folktronica, that nice blend of electronica and, yes, folk. Hence the name electrolk. She’s Canadian, so expect a neat accent.

click here for the easily-downloadable songs by Rebekah Higgs

(It lists 4, but 2 are the same, albeit in different quality)

UPDATE: Added bonus: Want to hear her original trip-hop band Ruby Jean and the Thousand Bees? They had one single — I had to search archive.org for this, the site is long gone but the files remain:
Not About To
Not About To (Dub Technique mix)
Cover Art

UPDATE: MORE added bonus!:
Here on this page (clicky) you’ll see 8 numbered songs which are Rebekah Higgs’ live performance at NxNE June 14, 2008, professionally recorded and I presume made available for promotion as part of the NxNE festivities. Well worth saving these 8 as an album.

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