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Another music discovery of the day: Danger Bees

Posted in Music by Will on Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 ~ 11pm

I don’t mean to be making this blog into a music blog — I haven’t the language to describe music effectively — but my roaming of the net has turned up another interesting band: The Danger Bees.

Not to be confused with Ruby Jean and the Thousand Bees from my previous post. Both have bees. And both are Canadian. But this one has a male singer.

My initial impression of The Danger Bees is that they’re kind of like The Postal Service if you removed all the cloyingness from The Postal Service and replaced it with sardonicism, as in this lyric from “After I Wake Up”:

you do your hair, you do your makeup
and I get drunk right after I wake up
What’s a silly little thing wasting on a boy like me…

I’m kinda kicking myself for browsing into Canadian artists because some smaller Canadian artists don’t seem to have distribution of their CDs to the states as far as I can tell. But fortunately Danger Bees also has a lossless download available for $8.88. (Even if that turns out to be $8.88 Canadian — about $17 US assuming the dollar is still half as strong as the Canadian dollar — that’s still better than the $30 that Amazon.com is asking to import it. Here’s the link to buy the lossless download: clicky.

But you want samples first, right? They’ve made two of their songs available for free in good quality as part of this interview/article: clicky

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