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200 shares of Gateway

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, November 17th, 2005 ~ 2pm

I bought 200 shares of Gateway computers today (GTW); a very small investment totalling maybe $600. I did this because I recently shopped for a laptop and I selected a Gateway NX250X because it was both affordable and stylish, and because I heard that Gateway machines were starting to be good again. I first inspected a model in Best Buy (where, granted, the shelves are dominated by Compaq/HP), and I later bought it online on Gateway’s website where one can customize their PC exactly like one can at Dell. It was a satisfying experience, and then today I read this article at Yahoo that explains how Gateway is currently being “reset” by a new CEO. I would like to hope that Gateway will soon be thought of as one of the main alternatives to Dell, or to Compaq/HP, if they continue to make machines with good power at a good price that look like more expensive machines. (Aesthetics are important; Compaq would have been a contender in my own purchase if Compaq’s laptops did not look like sardine tins).

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