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Sex God Rock n Roll wraps (and I was a guest)

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, December 6th, 2008 ~ 11pm

Ah, here I’ll just quote this from elsewhere and then add my own words:

And that, gentlemen and wild women, is a wrap. This evening, Saturday December 6, marked the sixth and final (for now) recording of Stuart Davis’ Sex God Rock ‘n’ Roll before a live (and oh so pretty) audience in Boulder, CO.

Sex God Rock n Roll with Stuart Davis

Watch the show’s website, sexgodrocknroll.com, for updates on the effort to sell the program to networks here and abroad, and for the upcoming opportunity to buy downloads of the series before it airs anywhere else.

Ok now my comments: I was a guest on this last episode! And the photo above was not from this evening’s episode, it was from an earlier one. I had a great time, and I believe that I can now safely retire from giving interviews on this subject (of aliens) now, since I’d always hoped for a good interview — which Stuart gave — and, I’ve been a fan of Stuart’s work for a few years now, and perhaps in some unobvious way he even led me to Boulder a bit… so if feels like this may be the culmination I’d been looking for, and now that I’ve found it, I can look beyond it. With that in mind I shared every meaningful moment of these alien encounters that I’ve had, without self-censorship. Despite my neck muscles locking up painfully during the entire interview.

Integral Studios on the outskirts of Boulder was a lovely, warmingly glowing two-level studio. They’d rented the place out for the past six weeks to record six fully-professional episodes, which will now be marketed to networks, or, shown to networks as examples of what kind of show they could buy if they want to fully fund the concept. In which case these 6 episodes might never air anywhere, but, they will be seen somewhere, and possibly many-wheres, depending on what kind of deal they get.

I was somewhat sad to hear through the vines that Stuart would be comfortable having only one more music album and then fully committing to the writing and directing and acting that he’s been doing more and more of since his children arrived a few years ago. He looked more mature, and yes, even more like a gentlemen when he’d put on his non-rock-star reading glasses behind-the-scenes.

Photo: Stuart looking mature in his glasses behind the scenes of Sex God Rock n’ Roll

I’m two years older than him by the way. So I’m not sayin’ he’s old. I’m saying, he’s mature. And probably has been for a couple years now, obviously, for him to have masterminded both this show and his earlier YouTube show (the one with the two clones who argued and flirted with him). (I had an opportunity tonight to tell him how much I loved the clone of his with the white glasses; those clone characters were great, and they aren’t on this show since this show is more of a live-as-it-happens show, and creating clones out of one person is production intensive as you can imagine).

Anyway then there was a wrap party at Integral Institute to which the whole audience — it was again sold out — was invited, and some nice people conversed with me.

I want to give special mention to one particular woman who helped me relax before the show, who was a cranial something something, well-versed in breathing and such. She observed me and gave me tips on how to sit, where to place my hands that was natural for me, and was just all-around supportive. I regret I am terrible with names. She had one. I also want to thank the P.A. who led me to and from the stage, the audio guy (Jason Digges I believe) who made a point of sharing with me how he felt I did a good job (and meant it), and everyone else in the tech crew who was obviously sustaining a pleasant vibe throughout the rehearsal and the subsequent recording, Stuart’s wife (and announcer) Marci, and heck I’ve got to respect the audience wranglers too — the place was packed.

So, 10:30pm, I called it a night. And then true to his signature (which often ends in *hugs*, Stuart hugged me when I told him I was leaving. And now I wait for post-production to finish and a disc to drop through my doorslot. It should be good, but even more than my own episode, I am excited to see the whole series, which promises to be an excellent mixture of laughter, skits, sounds, and interviews. And by the way, Stuart did not pick up his guitar even once during tonight’s show, or at the afterparty. He’s on to new things. And I am happy for him. And you will be, too.

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