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Office laptop

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 ~ 12pm

ooh this is exciting. My boss is letting me replace my office laptop since it keeps melting the power cord. But we’re limited to what is on Craigslist, so, I have cash in my pocket and each morning I check the list and hope there will be something affordable and good. This morning there is, and not only is it faster than my current office laptop, but it is covered in Buddha stickers, which I would absolutely keep on it. But so far, no reply. Granted it has only been 15 minutes. But still, excitement is being coupled by expectation that someone else may have already responded before me. I hope I hope I hope.

The excitement is punctuated by this office laptop here shutting down every hour or so. And it’s the one I have to check for the return email.

Update: 99% chance I got it. He called and said it was available, and cautioned that the battery no longer holds a charge — but since I’ll be using it at work, plugged in, that doesn’t matter. Score!

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