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Office laptop continues to become ready

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, December 12th, 2008 ~ 6pm

Day 3 of the office laptop replacement; second day of file installation/transfer. I finished yesterday’s operating system installation, drivers installation, and the installation of needed software. Today I worked mainly on file transfer from the old one to the new one, taking the opportunity to clean up my folders and organize them into something more easily remembered. And I divided the parent folders into My Business and My Personal, since I tend to have some personal saves (doesn’t everyone).

Stopped at some stores on the way home looking for some more RAM but no fair prices so I’ll order some to arrive after the weekend. BestBuy had a $40 stick selling for $100. No way.

I also tried — but then removed — a Windows XP redecorator called XPize that updates all the icons and provides a newer splash screen, etc. Unfortunately it seemed to slow down the performance a bit, so I removed it. Still glad I tried it, and if I have time I may look around for similar (free) products to make XP a bit less bland. I know, it’s no Mac. But this laptop was only $160, so take that, Mac! (Even used Macs cost close to a thousand bucks on Craigslist).

Besides memory, I may need to get a Seagate FreeAgent portable drive to hold my itunes music, since the laptop doesn’t have enough disc space for such things. However, I am not sure if a usb powered portable hard drive like that can constantly play music. An external with juice from a power outlet may make more sense.

Ok, I ended up getting memory and a notebook lock. That doesn’t leave me with enough office money to buy anything else on the scale of an external hard drive. So perhaps I’ll use my spare personal hard drive… it’s just I’d feel bad if it was snatched off my desk.

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