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b-day and Narnia

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, December 12th, 2005 ~ 9am

It turns out I am 37 again! I say “again” because I’ve rather assumed for the past year that this was my age and that I was due to be 38. It is rather difficult to know your age when you are born in the last weeks of a year, because when you are born in the last weeks of the year the usual method of subtracting the year you were born from the current year provides an answer that is wrong for all but three weeks. So for this mathematical oddity and a lack of interest on my part in figuring out the math I somehow came to assume that I was turning 38 this past weekend. But in fact I’ve turned 37 again. I am honestly surprised.

My housemate and I went to see Chronicles of Narnia and I can honestly say that it may be the best film of the year (yes, better than Batman Beyond). The pace of Narnia is delightful, not rushed. There is so much to say about this film but on the likelihood that you haven’t enjoyed it yet I will refrain from saying more about it. See it.

I haven’t checked my Friendster messages in this past week as I was feeling blah (blah) – (Greg the Bunny reference) – and then had a few days of the flu (I think a homeless person coughed on me when I was at a low budget food store), so I’m just about to restart my web activity and see what is up in the world. Today is also the birthday of a relative of mine so I have to deal with that. I also want to be more aggressive with the stock market in these last days of the year. Not exactly new year’s resolutions, but, a new start to a new week, with only some traces of sneezing remaining…

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