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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 ~ 3pm

Yay. Office building heat was restored this morning. Leaving all the lights on overnight also helped (90% of a lightbulb’s energy is released as heat). And I now know where the secret fuse is located in the boiler room.

Last night or the night before I started importing some of my live recordings — not recordings I made, but live recordings from radio broadcasts and such — into iTunes and am kind of amazed that iTunes recognizes and retrieves the track lists for many of them. I wonder, how does iTunes learn this info, when there’s no retail release that they’d have been provided with through official channels?

I am really curious and will google this. I’d guess that iTunes must occasionally retrieve info from people’s own iTunes, and if more than a few people have the same recording, they maybe add it in to their database, trusting that people entered accurate song names.

But, if so, how does iTunes decide what the album name is? I name my live concerts with the date of the concert and the venue and city — 20010123 Venue, City — but that’s me. Probably everyone does it differently.

If my theory that iTunes checks people’s collections is accurate, then, if I were to import a disc that iTunes did not recognize, and entered the album name as “Fuckidy Fuck” and the songs names as “Fuckity fuck fuck fuck”, then eventually iTunes should adopt that info as true and accurate. Which seems risky. So I wonder what they do. Maybe two people have to match the same or similar info before it adopts it in. Does a human review it? It is automated?

Or maybe it doesn’t adopt it in at all, but rather, it is fueled by a select group of employees. I don’t know. Inquiring minds want to know.

Ah ha! Found it! http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=473851&seqNum=7

My laptop lock arrived for my work laptop. It was easy to set.

The pizza place owner (below our office) suspects I accidentally screwed up a setting on their circuit breaker on the day when the heat went out and I was looking for a solution. He may be right. But no way am I telling him that or I suspect he’d try to charge me something. (I may have accidentally turned on the air circulation — not air conditioning mind you, just the air circulation).

I heard that he stormed into our office about one minute after I’d left. Do I have good spidey sense or what? I need to learn to trust these little instincts better. I’ve gotten accurate subtle pick-ups many times in recent months, and I’ve started to know not to dismiss them. You know that sense you have when you put down the phone and you feel like there was something that someone was not saying? It is very much like that, but it can be even something that they’d never say in conversation. It is wild. And fun.

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