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Video Ops: The Island

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, December 29th, 2005 ~ 5pm

The Island is a surprisingly good science fiction film strongly reminiscent of THX-1138, but with a lighter touch in the form of eminently likable characters played by Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor. I’d assumed this film was terrible based on its failure at the box office, but in fact if you can forgive the director’s affinity for patently absurd action sequences, there is a good story here that any fan of utopia-gone-wrong stories will enjoy.

The DVD itself has hardly any extras, but if you go to the morally unacceptable shopping venue of WalMart, you may find that they have an exclusive edition of the movie paired with an extra disc of extras that is not available elsewhere. Their edition is two discs wrapped side by side (so it is about a foot across) in cellophane. Be sure to look carefully, as they also sell the regular edition.

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