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PS3 game controller is intimidating

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 ~ 5pm

I’d intended awhile back to get the James Bond game for PS3, but, I ended up getting Tomb Raider Underworld because it came down to a choice between looking at Lara Croft’s ass or Daniel Craig’s face, and I know which I’d rather bond with. I haven’t played it yet.

For a long time I feared the PS3 game controller. In my day (sound of bones creaking) a controller had a joystick and a fire button. Some games on PC were better served with a trackball. But either way, simplicity ruled. In contrast, the PS3 controller has two joysticks operated with the thumbs of both your left and right hands, four buttons in the front managed by your pointer fingers and your ring fingers, and about ten other less-commonly used buttons on the top surface. In short, the PS3 controller is intimidating. But I’ve been using it a bit on a lame, easy game, and it starts to become intuitive after awhile.

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