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In the new yaren

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 ~ 6pm

My New Year resolution involved changing vitamins. I liked the vitamin I’d been using, but I did not take it regularly because it tasted terrible. So today I selected some that come in capsule form, which I have learned to swallow, and which have no taste. I’ve just taken it and I’ll see how my tummy handles it.

Unfortunately I didn’t find one that was both a vitamin and a men’s prostate health supplement combined, so I had to get two separate items. Each have vitamin B6, so I’ve had to research how much vitamin B6 you can take without harm, and my research suggests that I could probably take both every day and still be ok.

But it may be better for me to:

  • Take the vitamin capsule every day
  • Take the prostate health capsule every other day
  • Take the reservatrol every day
  • Take the EPA every day
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