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Men can't sing

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, January 1st, 2009 ~ 5pm

I’ve come to the conclusion that with few exceptions, men can’t sing.

Most of my music collection has female vocalists, and I thought perhaps it was because when a guy sings I just don’t care, but when a woman sings I pay attention — some kind of instinct. But no, it is just that men’s vocal range is generally pathetic, so unless they’re singing something exceptionally clever (Stuart Davis, Robyn Hitchcock, Flaming Lips), or are saying something with lots of “umpf” or emotion (Adam Ant, Tom Petty, Cheap Trick on the umpf side, and Sting, Morrisey on the emotion side), they may as well shut up. There’s also some men who can’t sing but speak-sing so you don’t notice they aren’t singing (Thomas Dolby, Pete Townshend, Colin Hay, Devo) and that’s good too.

In short, I’m giving up trying to balance my music collection with more men singers. They just aren’t any good.

Oh, also, it’s 2009.

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