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Music Discovery of the Day: CallmeKat

Posted in Music by Will on Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 ~ 1pm

Ok I admit, I was beguiled by the photo on the cover of her album before I even knew what she sounded like. For some reason, some women’s shaved underarm reminds me of a woman’s shaved nethers and I have to look twice.


So after puzzling over that for a bit I then listened to some samples of her music and found it is perfect for late-night “what I am doing still awake?” times, when some eccentricity is the closest you can come to dreaming.

Rather than describe it myself, here’s an interestingly-translated description someone in the Netherlands wrote:

“Scandinavian melancholy like a light wind through a forest, and already one step before autumn, we are in a black and white French movie from the Sixties. This is the universe of Katrine Ottosen, strongly aesthetic and a certain way universal. I have a strange feeling about already to have heard or dreamed this music full with subtlety and sensitivity making the songs almost naked, transparent.”

Also, it’s basically her and a Casio keyboard.

To get the music, it’s $10 on iTunes. To get the CD you’ll have to go to the foreign CD importer CDWow, as this disc is not at Amazon, nor even at Amazon.uk, ebay, half, CDUniverse, CDBaby, or any of the usual sources. CDWow is about it.

In tribute to her underarm (not really) I added her bio, pics, and discography to Soundunwound.com. Although it seems that the editors of Soundunwound are on vacation so her entry might not appear for a couple weeks.

Yeah ok so I’m a bit of a perv. So what.

Also of note: There’s a free debut album from the cutely-named Vanilla Swingers available for legit download on the Vs website. It’s a bit talky (it’s a concept album), but the voices are nice:

VS is a time travel-themed conceptual debut album from the noir-pop duo Vanilla Swingers, who have attracted comparisons to Black Box Recorder and Magnetic Fields. The album tells the story of two people who meet in 2005, go back in time to 1985, lose each other, then meet again in 2015. The story’s themes include post-humanist politics, romantic love and the desire to escape confines – whether geographical, self-imposed or those of the laws of physics.

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