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I found AC Girl

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, January 14th, 2006 ~ 4pm

I’ve learned who AC Girl is (click that for the original blog entry from November 29). I’d be excited but I doubt I’ve got enough courage hormones floating through my bloodstream to ask her out…these things diminish with age. But my interest is still such that I — in what can only be described as a “sad” (or what the French might dub “pathetique”) effort — scanned the web for any references to her, any blog, anything that would make me find the courage to ask her out. I did not find any blog. Ooh, weird, I am having a deja vu.

In person, at the store, I learned her given name because she had a name tag on and I recognized her, despite my having earlier only really been studying her, um, well her back from which arose her nickname (AC Girl). I was surprised, pleasantly I think, that she appears to be Celtic in part. People have been telling me my next girlfriend will be of that tribe. So that was nice; perhaps someday I will have an AC Girl. But this one? Wishes and web searches do not make futures.

I am pretty good as web searches. Her email, cellphone, an interest in art, and some vague college status info were all freely available on the internet, but the only thing that matters is people in person. And that is something I must leave to a day with more courage on my part…

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