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T-shirts inspired by Dead Like Me

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, January 21st, 2006 ~ 7pm

It took me all day, but I was able to create a t-shirt based on the temp agency seen in Dead Like Me (which was cancelled a while ago, but which me and my housemate have been enjoying on DVD all week). You can find the shirt at:

How’d it come to be? Last night I tracked down a shirt (on cafepress, made by someone else) which used some inauthentic fonts, and I wasn’t prepared to buy one of those if it wasn’t accurate. I decided to track down the correct fonts myself, using a wallpaper image of Georgia Lass in the Happy Time office as reference.

It took many hours to identify the main font as “Blippo”. I then found that Blippo was used only on the lower case letters – I had to shape the upper case letters by hand, so that took quite awhile. The font used in the secondary line of text “Temporary services” was found within minutes, by pure chance. I faithfully made the “s” in “services” lowercase, since that is how it appeared in the show, even if it would more properly be upper case. And finally, the smiley face was done by hand because I didn’t have the patience to track down whatever clipart it came from.

So, after all that effort, I believe it is a screen faithful rendering of the logo from the Happy Time Temporary Service at which George Lass worked before, and after, she became a grim reaper.

I should add that a reason why I was inspired to do this was because I recently received (from another t-shirt maker) a Serenity/Firefly t-shirt of “Slim’s Used Spacecraft Sales – Firefly Class Transports” and it looks great. ‘Course that one is a real silkscreen, not this direct print stuff.

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