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Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, February 4th, 2006 ~ 8pm

A few months ago I found a website that presents pictures of people’s faces while they are in the midst of having an orgasm; women and men’s faces all scrunched up or elastic or inbetween. And no visible nudity, which is novel.

On that site there are many preview images of faces, exceptionally small images less than an inch across – hardly worth saving. But one appealed to me and I saved it; a tiny image of a woman with copper hair, cropped on the sides, eyes closed.

Flash forward to present day. On another search engine I see a really neat looking model named “Merricat” with blue hair and grey eyes. Her picture is really cool, so I start searching for any free photos sets of her from any erotic sites. I find a complete free set of Merricat with her blue hair at EroticBMP, and am pleased.

And I find a capsule description of her work that refers to her having contributed a photo to that face site that I’d found months before. I follow the lead to image number 0262 on the face site, and find it is the very pic I’d saved months earlier.

I suppose the lesson here is either that our brains actually can do a pretty good job determining the geometry of a person’s face even when it is scrunched up in an orgasm and depicted in a thumbnail image only an inch across, with a different haircut and haircolor.

Or maybe that if one likes particular “types”, one may be likely (more likely than one would expect) to experience a seemingly unlikely correspondence.

Or maybe, something of a person’s personality just shines through in any image, something more than surfaces.

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