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Battlestar Galactica season 4

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 ~ 11pm

I just finished season 4 of Battlestar Galactica (which is really only the first half of season 4; the SciFi Channel renamed the second half of season four “season five” so they could stretch it out another season). And, well, the end of season 4 makes some sad kind of sense.

I have an uneasy feeling the final Cylon will turn out to be Dirk Benedict, wrapped in tattered clothes.

More seriously, here’s what I expect:
Given that at the end of season four the first aspect of the ruins we see looks like a giant Christian cross from a fallen church building, it could be that through some time-travel oddity (given that “skinjobs” were created within one previous generation), the final Cylon was Jesus and he somehow got crucified a couple thousand years earlier. (The first bit of the ruins we see on the ground is Christian cross from a fallen church building, a stone one. Then they pan up showing the rest of the fallen temple, and then they show the ruined skyline.) Or wait a minute, skip the time-travel problem. Maybe the final Cylon revealed himself to Earth recently, and was mistaken as the return of a famous religious messiah, and an apocalyptic war broke out. If so, he may have lived through the war… and he’ll say “my bad” when the Galactica crew find him. I’m just theorizing based on the shot of the cross. I’m not saying this should be how it goes. But it would be neat.

By the way that photo book of Galactica props & costumes — the auction book — has been produced and shipped. I received mine last week. It’s lovely. I’m afraid to touch the pages (for fear of leaving oil). Buy yours here. A second auction will be held in April, so there should be a second auction book published for that as well.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, has a SciFi museum in part of his rock ‘n’ roll museum (in Seattle), doesn’t he? I’d expect he’ll be bidding on some of the larger items, if he has any taste. He bought a restored Spinner from Blade Runner, so he has some taste! But then again, he didn’t bid for any of the Firefly/Serenity costumes and stuff that got sold off a couple years ago, so maybe he doesn’t!

I’d hope that he ends up with a Viper and a Raptor. I’d make the trip to Seattle to see them.

The worst thing that could happen is some totally private collector gets them and puts them in a non-climate-controlled space, where they deteriorate. They need to be looked after.

No wait, the worst worst thing is that George Lucas buys everything and then has an extremely suspicious beach bonfire party on the shores of San Francisco.

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