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Notes on Denver (and Boulder)

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, February 5th, 2006 ~ 12pm

seeing an episode of the Independent Film Channel’s “low-tech” version of “Greg the Bunny

relaxing grassy parkland areas with panoramic view of some Rocky Mountains or foothills (not sure) in unassuming suburban Littleton outside Denver (Chatfield State Park)

there are clouds here, in many styles; I’d missed clouds in Albuquerque (which is largely cloudless)

giant satellite dish in neighbor’s yard (several feet across compared to a modern Dish network 1-ft dish)

Lockheed-Martin building (at South Park) looks like a wedge of cold blue iron fell from the sky onto the mountain side, contrasting with the red rocks. Maria thinks building continues into the mountainside. Someone who visited it says that is true. Slight Resident Evil “Umbrella Corp” vibe to the building.

El Dorado Springs: a little creek on side of dirt road, nearly in people’s basements on opposite side. Little, rickety houses – surreal, like I’d expect to see in computer adventure games. One home perched high up in cliffside, 50 feet up. A tiny neighborhood of perhaps a dozen cabin-like houses, an art studio with a stone statue of Einstein’s head in the driveway, all leading to a State Park entrance that appeared to lead upward into a narrow mountain pass of some kind ($5 fee, didn’t go beyond). And a delapidated YMCA like building that presumable houses some hot springs.

lesser notes:

Costco: what shopping might be like if there were an apocalypse that led to government-run distribution centers. Motto suggestion for Costco: “What shopping might be like if there were an apocalypse.”

My bananna and egg white protein powder drink tastes just as good without a dash of cocoa as with. I’d never tried that.

Tunes in to C-SPAN just as 19 Democrats became traitors to the Democrat party, and possibly to the Constitution itself, by failing to support the Democratic party’s filibuster of the right wing Supreme Court nominee (and Executive Branch acolyte) Samuel Alito. Thus another step towards ushering in tyranny under an Imperial President.

New note:

Boulder! Pearl Street Mall – parked near Trilogy, where I think SD plays. Ate at Illegal Pete’s. Every other person there appeared to be an eligible partner. Never seen so many people my age before. Additionally noted many women with new children (aka “babies”) on the mall, the natural outgrowth of the earlier observation.

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