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Pillowcase industry is a sham

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, February 19th, 2006 ~ 6pm

Today I learned what a “sham” is. You may remember my epic blog entry from December 2004 titled “Pillowcase industry doesnt know its head from its ass, which is ironic since they make pillowcases”, in which I urged the creation of a pillowcase “which seals at the open end…maybe with a simple sewn-flap which traps and holds the free end of the pillow in,” to stop pillowcases from sliding off pillows. I went on to say that “This is so freaking obvious that really ALL pillowcases should have this.”

Today while wandering through Bed Bath & Beyond for the third day in a row as I got items for my new room I learned something that was not freaking obvious. I learned that this invention has existed alongside pillowcases for many years, under a name which held meaning for perhaps very few people: the “Sham”.

A “Sham” is a pillowcase with that special pillow-trapping flap. It costs twice as much as a pillowcase. And aside from it’s suggestive price and similar shape to a pillowcase when folded up there’s hardly any mention of what it is. But I unfolded one, and discovered it’s inner beauty. (Ooh, erotic).

Postscript: Another mystery of Bed Bath & Beyond remains: What are “Duvet Covers” and why do they only sell “Duvet Covers” but no “Duvets”? Where do “Duvets” come from? Are they a fancy word for “blanket”? Is there a course I can take so that I can know the secrets that BB&B employees know? At least I can do a dictionary search on this one since I know the word…Ah (reads what it is), now I see. An alternative to using a sheet, a “Duvet Cover” is sort of like a “Sham”, only big enough to encase a comforter, a comforter that is called a “Duvet” in honor of the French. Or something.

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