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More glowing hands

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, January 18th, 2009 ~ 10pm

Since I’d said on the Stuart Davis show that my last “extraordinary” experience was five years ago, I figure I should update here on my blog and note that I had a strange experience last night, although it did not involve my physical body like five years ago. As I may have mentioned on the show (I don’t remember for sure), I’m not the only person who has said that physical events stopped a few years ago and other kinds of experiences became more common. Indeed, I even met some of the next generation who never had the physical aspect at all, they started with this sort of thing:

In bed, started to wake from sleep. I felt a change — a mix of ultimate fear, pronounced thrill, and general other-worldly-ness. I felt my body as energetic, i.e. my chakras and every element of my energy body were well defined rather than vague as would be normal. I noticed then that my hands were glowing blue-white light, and I put one over my heart and one over my stomach to tune my chakras there (I just knew by feel that doing so would make myself more calm and stable).

Within a split-second of trying to be calm (almost before I had even settled my hands upon myself) I was out of bed and vertical, hovering a foot off the floor of my room, yet my messy blankets were still swirled around me. I think this was not my real body, nor my real blankets, but rather this was a purely energetic facsimile of myself. My body was still in my bed, I suppose (I didn’t look). Room was dark, realistic.

I was then, just as suddenly, pulled up out of my room (as fast as a snap) and …now I haven’t as much recall. I was dialoguing with someone, I believe there was conversation.

Typical that memories aren’t recorded properly, if at all, in the ‘other place’. I only assume I was in the other place because of what led up to it.

I only believe it may have been alien related (as opposed to my own natural wanderings) due to the way I was hoisted out of bed and sucked out of the room.

I know that later on, in my sleep — actual sleep — I had dreams of speaking to an old human man in a suit who was, I believe, dead now, and we talked about whether seeking to improve one’s self out of concerns of individual spiritual evolution was a valid goal, that is, if there was any reality to the concept of improving oneself so that one would evolve into higher planes.

I assume this dream may have been my mind’s reinterpretation of whatever conversation had earlier occurred in the other place, but reshaped (several hours later) into metaphorical terms, and probably dumbed down a lot by my mind into familiar terms/images.

Since these are only my mind’s reinterpretation don’t assume any insight is provided beyond the obvious:

I played devil’s advocate by saying that one of my housemates disagreed with the concept. The old man showed me a cloudy sky, and then showed how if we jumped to another “level” the sky looked different, like different camera filters being snapped into place to change the color blue or the density of the clouds. He also showed me an example of a person who had not evolved (and was into heavy metal music) who was “trapped in storm clouds”. So the opinion (or fact) of the old man was that one does indeed evolve to different levels if one applies oneself. Not as a reward, just as a matter of clarity increasing as one improves oneself.

Addendum: I suspect the reason it appeared to me that my hands were glowing was that… likely I’d have perceived my entire body as glowing, but only my hands were not dressed in pajamas, so it was my hands that I saw as glowing rather than my entire body. And of course, I imagine that the glowing was only perceived by my energetic eyes — I do not mean to suggest that I was actually glowing if a person in normal consciousness had entered the room. I was probably seeing my energetic body within/without/overlaid on my physical body, as it most always is. Then, my energetic body was likely the only part made vertical a moment later. Essentially I became aware as my consciousness (“me”) took my energetic self as my primary body rather than my sleeping body.

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