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Next hair color highlights to try

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, January 19th, 2009 ~ 12am

I know what hair color I want to do next. But it will take a few months before my hair is ready. I was at Target a couple days ago, and a couple of people were ahead of me who I took notice of immediately — for they were a cute couple, and, the female of the species had her hair done in a set of colors that looked great. She had aqua green and blue strands mixed in with her dark hair. I’d seen blue before, and found it problematic in that it looks like an attempt to be a colorful version of black & white. But with the green accents, it became a sea theme, and it worked. It didn’t look goth, or anything bad, it looked colorful. Like bird plumage — peacocks I suppose. Peacocks have the same colors in their plumage and it works for them. So, next time, some blue and greens tips for me. I wasn’t able to ask her who did her hair — I figured she might have done it herself, and, I also figured I wouldn’t have remembered even if I’d been told who it was. And I didn’t want to appear to be disrespecting her boyfriend by speaking to her. It appeared that she had the different colors on the same strands, but, since my hair is shorter anyway, it would have to be different tips in proximity for me, I expect. I also observed that the colors worked because the rest of her hair was without color — she had naturally black hair. My hair, without any highlights, becomes a light shade of black rather than brown. So I just have to wait for my highlights and color to grow out, and let my hair turn to its rather unwelcome dark shade before attempting this. Could be 2 or 3 months. So until then, I’ll just remember how it looked on her.

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