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Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 ~ 1pm

My editor rank at the Soundunwound wiki is falling. I was number 8 for the longest time, essentially from when the site launched until a couple weeks ago. I am at number 9 and falling. Frankly I’ve run out of bands I like to update. So, farewell, adieu, my top-10 status. It’s been fun. I’ll still contribute.

Editor rank: 9
Submitted edits: 2,870
Accepted edits: 2,830 98.6%
Rejected edits: 37 1.3%
Pending edits: 0 0%

On a barely-related note: A confession: I get Lily Allen, Katy Perry, and Kate Nash confused. Particularly, I have to try to remember that it is Lily Allen who I’ve never heard.

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