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My $15 LCD projector stand solution (patent pending)

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, February 23rd, 2006 ~ 5pm

So I’m setting up my new room, and the wall where the projector needs to be is a window. Presented with this problem, I came up with a solution using a $15 item from Bed Bath & Beyond in a novel way. I took the Bed Bath & Beyond’s “Modular Storage Cube” (SKU# 13652600 if you want to get one yourself) and assembled it differently than suggested.

As shown in the photos below (click for larger view), I created a sort of trellis that the sunlight can still shine through, with a sort of shelf suspended in part by some chains I picked up at a hardware store. The entire “trellis” is supported at both the top, where it hooks onto an ornamental plant hook, and at the bottom where some of its weight rests on the floor. Perhaps not visible in the photos are some added wires to strengthen the assembly a bit.

Click for larger view

I think it turned out quite well. This idea came a couple days after my original idea of suspending the projector in one of those yarn plant hangers was an unmitigated disaster. Well, actually it was a mitigated disaster, in that it worked but looked terrible. I much prefer this trellis-like solution, which to me looks kind of Japanese, and serine.

And here’s the view at night…

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