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The BSG auction (part 1) is over

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 ~ 12pm

The first of the two Battlestar Galactica auctions ended, and you can find comments about it at battlestarblog.com and elsewhere via searches.

Why my interest? I guess the sheer scale of it. Creating an entire culture (or as much as needs to be seen on tv) out of artifacts that are either found or modified or created whole, is an amazing artistic achievement. It is like being a God — the closest any of us will get to creating a new world.

Sounds like they netted just under a half a million dollars on day one, and I surmise about the same on day two. Some of the actors from the show, including Grace Park (Boomer) bid for some items as souvenirs. (Propworx noted that when she show ended, the actors were allowed to take one costume for free: “Grace, like every cast member, took home an outfit. She took her flight suit.”)

Starbuck’s Viper flight suit sold for $14,000. I am pleased it went to Alec Peters, the CEO of Propworx.

Helo and Boomer in their flight suits

The full-scale Raptor and Vipers did not meet their $30,000 minimums, but there are some reports that the Raptor was sold at a negotiated price after the auction ended. No word yet on if it went to Paul Allen of the Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle, but that is my hope since I’d love to be able to visit it someday. However, if it had been Allen, I’d have expected all three ships to have been bought. So, regretfully it appears it may have gone to a private collector.

The final auction is in May after the last episode airs.

By the way, I myself did not take part in the auction. I have bought a couple of the binders that are the same brand as were used on the show, and intend to make my own replicas. Though I won’t be cutting the corners off, in deference to the fact that I’ll use them as actual binders.

Someone has made a zip file with good resolution photos of each of the auction items — possibly in higher resolution than in the auction book itself, not sure. Download it from:


The file is 64.5MB.

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