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Firefox 1.5.etc

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 ~ 6pm

I’ve just updated to Firefox from version 1.something. I’d held off until more extensions (optional features you can add a la carte) were available, and now there are many more, and they are increasingly sophisticated. I’d give an example or two, but I myself am not terribly sophisticated – though I may know a Cole Porter tune or two (via the film Tank Girl). Another reason for me to upgrade, besides the increasingly cool extensions, is that I wanted to be able to drag my tabs around, which is a new standard feature in Firefox 1.5. Surprisingly, even though I removed my old version of Firefox through my PC’s “Add & Remove” panel, somehow the new installation of Firefox managed to find my old bookmarks and many of my old extensions (some of which still work in the new Firefox). Even my themes are already there. Very convenient. The only extension I really miss that has not yet been introduced for the new version is a clock in the lower right edge of the browser window which was much better than the standard Windows clock in that this one not only told the time, but it also explained what day of the week it was.

Update: I’ve posted a revised version of the “statusbar clock” extension here — tinyurl.com/gqf74 Only a single line of code needed to be updated to make this work, but the original developer was not getting around to it on account of his possibly no longer being alive anymore.

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