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A coworker recovers

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, January 23rd, 2009 ~ 12pm

I just saw one of our company’s programmers, who had been run off the road when returning from Burning Man and suffered a broken back. I’d seen him a few months ago when he was barely able to move. His improvement may have been gradual from his perspective, but on seeing him walking in today, I was amazed. True, he uses a cane now, and he moves slowly, but at first glance you’d never know that he almost lost his life and the use of his limbs. I asked him if his fear had diminished, and he felt it had diminished some — the fear that if he stumbles, he could again break his back. He says that he trusts that his bones are knitting well. I imagine they take scans of him too. His back is scarred from the surgeries that saved him. He lacks certain muscles that had to be cut away during the surgery, and must exercise to strengthen ones that remain, to keep his posture. He is in good spirits.

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