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An axe by any other name

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, March 9th, 2006 ~ 1am

Odd how the brain associates things.

There’s a website whose name is EZTorrent.

But it’s URL is not EZTorrent, it is something else entirely.

Every time I try to think of what the URL is, my brain says to me that the URL is something related to an axe, as in an axe that chops wood. But I also am aware that the URL is not at all related to an axe, despite the persistence of that impression. I know it doesn’t have axe in the title, nor is it thematically linked (as far as I know) to chopping wood.

But every time, I cannot remember, so I look to my bookmarks and discover the website’s URL is:


Do you see an “axe” relationship in there? I don’t.

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