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My weight (a self indulgent blog entry)

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, January 23rd, 2009 ~ 10pm

I’m not hungry anymore, which is good news since I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds — a very few, but it has been difficult nonetheless, due to feeling hungry pretty much all day, for several days.

I did two things differently today that may explain it, and serve as a tactic to employ again. Or, there are two possibilities to account for why I am not hungry. The facts are these:

1. I ate a bigger lunch than usual. I’d been eating slim lunches but perhaps a full sandwich somehow knocks the hunger out all day. I can experiment to see if this is so. The result was I could eat a small dinner because I never felt hungry once I’d had lunch.

2. Perhaps it is simply that after a certain number of days of feeling hungry, the brain has enough of attending to that signal and tunes it out. That could be. It is a possibility I can’t really test.

So, result it, I may finally manage to get down to or below 145. I continue to be about 147, which is far too close to 150.

I was 150 a couple years ago. Then I stopped drinking sugary drinks and related sugars, and stopped eating after 8pm, and the result was I dropped within days to 135 — which I felt was too low. I fought my way up to 140 by eating a bit more whenever I was too close to 135. And I was pleased.

But then the daylight saving time shift happened and ruined by 8pm cutoff. And then I started making spaghetti, and then I was hit by the sequence of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, all of which resulted in my ballooning to 147 even without my drinking sugary drinks.

And getting below 147 again has been extremely difficult. I’m not even there yet. Every time I think I am below 147, it is because I haven’t had enough water. Once I hydrate, I am 147 again. There’s no sugar to cut out. Hence the jumprope, and the eating less.

I am going to get below 145 again. But it appears it will take weeks not days.

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