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Battery plan

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, January 23rd, 2009 ~ 10pm


1. Wait for daylight.

2. Check age of car battery via sticker purported to be on it. If still new-ish, use wire brush to remove barnacle-like crud interfering with car starting.

3. Check age of car battery via sticker on it. If older than 5 years, replace, either by buying a good brand battery at Checkers (using car manual in glove compartment to know what kind) and having Tim’s help installing it (and having Checkers dispose of the old one), or, buying a cheapie JiffyLube battery IF the JiffyLube price is low enough for them to do it all in one shot.

4. Hope that solves the problem. Other possibilities are: Not pressing the brake when turning the key (do I?) or, possible “gear shift cable” going bad again as it did 4 years ago (which prevents the car from knowing it is in Park, and thus not allowing it to start).

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