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My first brush with iTunes

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, March 17th, 2006 ~ 12am

I’m exposing myself, or my lack of inborn knowledge anyway: “Hey, this iTunes thing isn’t just a store!” There’s also an interface with streaming radio stations.

Everything I’d ever read about iTunes said that it was a store, so I never checked it out before. But iTunes appears to be not just a store, but some kind of media interface, intended to play your own audio files and any sort of audio files it can find on the web or in its store. And you can deactivate the part of it that involves buying stuff from the store, so you (read: I) won’t accidentally buy something.

I’m listening right now to a station called Dub Beautiful Collective out of San Francisco, a downtempo ambient broadcast, and this seems promising! In the past I’d bought one or two downtempo discs hoping to find something I’d like, but without success. Now with this streaming radio thingee I may actually be able to develop a sustained interest in this form of music.

(I understand that iTunes is not needed to listen to streaming radio stations, but I like the way it neatly organizes and presents the available stations).

In a related note that reveals that everyone lacks inborn knowledge, I was asked by someone today what “indie” stands for (in “indie music”).

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