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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 ~ 11pm

Bend It Like Beckham is a good English drama (not a comedy as the packaging seems to imply) about a young Indian woman whose parents do not want her taking on the English culture of football (soccer) that she aspires to. Reminded me a lot of the English dramas about young women which were so popular in the 1980s (Wish You Where Here, Hope & Glory, Flirting, films like that). Co stars Keira Knightly, here speaking in her native accent (?) which was really neat to hear (since it means her non-accent in Pirates of the Carribean was acting). By the way, Keira Knightly = Winona Ryder + Natalie Portman. Yeah, everyone says she’s exactly like Natalie Portman, but her eyes, they’re from the same deep dark reflecting pool as Winona Ryder’s. Ok, a pool of eyes did not quite capture what I was trying to say. I mean they share similar eyes. Ok this is getting gross. They’re different people, ok, but they have similar eyes. Not identical, and not raised in the same “eye pool” farm of cloned eyes. Look, I’ve got to go to sleep here, I can’t keep explaining this. Different eyes. Both sets beautiful. And both, or all three, very beautiful people. Three people, not three eyes. That wouldn’t be as beautiful. Not that I am trying to insult people with eye patches; 2-dimensional vision is nothing to sneer at, it probably takes a lot of skill to drive in a flat-view landscape. Bend it Like Beckham = good movie.

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