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Salvaggio's Deli on the Mall

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, March 31st, 2006 ~ 11am

On the Pearl Street pedestrian mall there is a kiosk-like deli called Salvaggio’s that is staffed by a laid back assortment of youths and young adults. I like their food, but the cooks have no short term memories — and though I am sympathetic to the reasons why they might not have short term memories, it does bother me that I rarely get what I ask for (and I do tip well, regardless, so it isn’t that).

If I order a ham, egg & cheese sandwich with “no cheese”, I’ll get no cheese unless any of the following happen: Another person places an order; another person says “hello” to them; another person looks at them.

It might also be that other cooks might be trying to “help” the main cook by adding cheese when they notice that there’s a ham & egg grilling up that is lacking it’s layer of cow goop.

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