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Shoes. Shoes enough. Does every headline have to be silly?

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, February 21st, 2009 ~ 6pm

Sometimes, you just have to disregard bad reviews and try things yourself.

Despite this review — “They have no airflow so my feet were hot and sweaty the entire day. The shoes also have a chemical smell to them that smells like paint thinner/gasoline. On top of all that, they are not comfortable at all” — I am trying these:

Partly because of their distressed/mottled colors and partly because this is a shoe with an actual tread instead of a slick piece of wood like some shoes are:

Unfortunately, I read after I’d ordered them that sizes on this brand tend to run a half size larger than stated. So I may be tripping in these. On the other hand, there weren’t any available in a half size smaller than what I wear, so chances are I’d have tried them anyway. We’ll see how they fit when they arrive.

I also got this sneaker, which I took an equal risk on in that I took the advice and bought a half-size smaller than usual. Again, we shall see.

I should add, these are all cheap-ass shoes. Made in China and made cheaply.

The shoe-shoes, by the way, are part of my attempt to attract a woman closer to my age. I hear women look at shoes.

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