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Video Ops: Transporter 2

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, April 7th, 2006 ~ 12am

Did you ever see Superman II? Remember the scene where Zod and the other two evil super-minions are using their breath to blow down people on the streets of New York, and there’s a guy in pimp-clothes on roller skates being rolled backwards? That “pimp on roller skates” fuels the style of Transporter 2. It isn’t really comedic. It isn’t serious. It is some paper thin dimension somewhere in between. And it may be ruinous to the franchise.

I enjoy the character of Frank (the transporter) and I hope we’ll see more from this series – if the direction can become much more realistic so we can take it seriously. More like the first film, or more like the Bourne Identity series. Less like a farce.

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