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I'm making $7 a week after expenses!

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, April 14th, 2006 ~ 5pm

Huh. It appears that my savings after expenses – my actual, saved money that I can set aside for retirement – is seven dollars per week.

I just worked it up, and after paying rent and utils I should theoretically clear about $XX per week. Granted, groceries are expensive, but, really, where the heck does that $XX go each week? Looking over my bank statements I see I bought pants and underwear in addition to groceries, and there were a few trips to computer stores for small supplies, and too many trips to Target (there’s a Target on my way to work, it’s not like I go out of my way to be there).

I think if I simply stop going to Target, maybe I can raise my profit beyond seven dollars. Because honestly I have no idea what I buy there. Well, ok, I know – I bought a timer for my lights, and other gizmos. I could just put a stop to that. I’ll mentally tell myself “I’ve moved in, and there’s no need for further accoutrements for the wiring of my room”.

But dang, I needed that lava lamp. Sometimes needs happen.

Not recorded on my bank statement, because they are cash transactions, are my lunches, which are around $5 or $6 depending on what kind of turkey I put on my 6″ sub. And the occasional $5 Jamba Juice on my way back home after a hard day’s work, which means on some days I am spending $10 or $11 for lunch/lunch-related sustinence. I don’t know how I could make that cheaper… it probably involves making my own sandwiches, but is buying turkey at a deli really any cheaper?

I am, at least, now able to make my own Protein Berry Pizazz shakes now that I’ve sussed the recipie. Though sometimes I still love being served it in one of their frosty-insulated cups, I can make it myself with my blender. So I am doing that more often.

Well, sorry to anyone who read this blog and is horror struck either by my own situation or by a reminder of their own. This is just a convenient way of reminding myself to cut back on seemingly innocuous purchases. They’re adding up far too quickly.

Update: My car insurance bill arrived, and my taxes. I’m negative a thousand bucks for this week, not plus seven as I thought. I shouldn’t worry, all I need to do is give up eating lunch for about 200 days and it won’t affect my savings at all!

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