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Hair dye

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 ~ 6pm

Here’s my hair as of day 1. I believe that I want to tilt the green highlights more towards blue highlights — but I may attempt this myself since that will be cheaper. In this photo, the dye already looks kind of blue, but I believe that is just a trick of the light. It is an aqua green in real life, but I like it better blue.

Update: I got a tube of blue at Walgreens and dabbed my gloved finger into it and smeared the blue onto the green streaks. They darkened into a good gel toothpaste blue. I should have left more green strands for contrast, but, live and learn.

The next time I do this, I will do it entirely by hand, since I watched what the salonist (hair technician?) did, and it was elementary. The only tricky bit will be finding colors since stores don’t tend to carry a full spectrum, but, that’s where Amazon comes in.

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