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Jump brand shoes

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, February 26th, 2009 ~ 9pm

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might get shoes. My shoes (see previous blog entry) arrived today, and they’re good. The shoe-shoes are indeed a bit larger than stated, but I can still wear them. The sneakers, which I got a half size smaller than usual, fit properly.

Both are by the brand Jump, which appears to be a copycat of, or has similar inspiration as, the brand Rocket Dog. Similarities extend beyond the designs — Rocket Dog is also off by one size. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Naturally my first instinct on getting these shoes, liking them, and gaining an understanding of their sizing, was to immediately go online and search for more. Which I did for an hour before giving up and telling myself that I should enjoy the shoes I received today rather than search for the shoes of tomorrow.

But I understand why women are said to enjoy shoe shopping. It is a game. They’re always on sale somewhere, but not always in your size. So if you search around online with enough skill, you can sometimes line up both of these factors — sale and size — and win the game. But most often, you do not align both these factors, and you lose — faced with a design of shoe you like but no way to obtain it in your size or in your size at a reasonable price. (There’s usually always a way to get a shoe in your size at an UNreasonable price, but, that would be the same as losing). Adding to this is a time factor: an annual changing of styles by all the shoe makers, in which new styles are introduced and old styles go on steep discount (usually only in uncommon sizes) before vanishing entirely. And, it is reasonable to assume that even the current year’s shoes are only produced in one lot, so what arrives in the United States in those sea-faring cargo containers is all that will ever be in the United States.

Ok, enough. Point is: Jump brand good. Order half a size smaller. Watch for sales.

Today I also organized a group-buy of sets of Greek statuettes — Goddesses — so that we could get a wholesale price on them. I decided to be the organizer since I think I’m good this month on liquidity. Later on I’ll be reimbursed by the people who joined in on the buy. Eh? What? Why am I talking about Greek statues? Because they’re the ones that Starbuck prayed to on BSG, and I plan to put them in with my action figures to bring a little old world to the new worlds. Or a little reality to the fiction, I guess. In any case, five sets are on their way to me now.

On top of all of this fun ordering-of-stuff though, is the fear of the economy. My boss is looking very worried lately. Very worried. It would suck if he gave me and everyone else no heads up to start being more conservative about spending. I think we’ll be ok, but, this is a bad economy. One of my coworkers, who works another job too, is likely being laid off the second job. It is scary.

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