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Mock Satyr

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, April 16th, 2006 ~ 2pm

So, my housemate Ben (blog) conducted what he described as a “mock Satyr” (er, “Seder”) at our house Saturday, which he carefully noted was “NOT [a] mocking [of] Passover. Rather, much like a mock trial, this will be a simpler, mocked down version of a seder.”

Most important for me was the opportunity to meet some of his extended network of friends. These included — and I’ve just redone this with people’s screen names rather than their real names, whenever possible — Sarah (blog), self-described in the header of her blog as “lonely and imaginative, not crazy” — though I doubt the “lonely” part and sympathize with the expression of the “not crazy” part. I’d been led to believe she was away in Hawaii but she was, in fact, not. Granted, this belief was only in place because my recollection of names is terrible and I’d been told someone else was away in Hawaii …anyway I was pleased she was here; murderbykitten (blog), who lives out of town and caused a minor scandal by arriving with someone known to someone else; Matt, Ben’s compatriot who is here pretty much every day whether there’s a satyr (sic) or not; Sarah II (blog), a buttoned-down (at least on the surface – I didn’t learn much about her) former college radio dj who could actually recite Yiddish, and who I could swear I’ve seen somewhere before but maybe it was just her general look — it could be that she looks like someone I worked with back in Newton many years ago, or she might have been at the house the day I moved in, or, oh wait, I remember – no, that’s not right either; Crystal, destined for overseas and who resembles the short-coifed Sheryl Lee in the Beatles movie Backbeat; her friend and housemate, named, um, Crystal’s friend (I’m terrible with names, though I recall her face…it was the name of a Highlander character, that’s all I’ll say); Ben’s older friend Bike4Fish (blog), who told a story of being mistaken for a “Hassy” (his casual term for Hasidic Jew) due to his wizard’s beard; another woman (blog) who showed off a scar caused by shoulder surgery, and whose name I cannot believe I am spacing on, but I am spacing on everything about her aside from the shoulder scar…did she wear red? Why can’t I remember what she looked like, when there were only 13 people there, total? And Ben’s college roommate, name not yet remembered; and Tim came downstairs for a bit as well.

I had some of the traditional wine, which was spaced out by various ceremonial thingees (which were condensed but still fairly elaborate). The wine didn’t give me a headache like beer does, but it did make my uppermost vertebrae at the back of the head a bit tweaked. I did my best to stay in my body and not dream about living happily ever after with anyone. But it can be difficult not to be happy and/or optimistic when there are so many people around.

It’s a bit awkward to actually write about anyone I met since there’s a good chance I’ll be giving out my blog address via Ben’s blog, and people will be reading it. I don’t mean that I have much to say; it was a short evening. But just generally, how best to present my thoughts without treading on other people?

Oh! One other good thing: murderbykitten told me she liked the feng shui of my room. She dug my decor. Very satisfying to have proof of the success of my effort. (I have to admit I left my door open and my xmas lights on intentionally before the party started, to show it off, and as a way of becoming more familiar to everyone since I am “the new roommate”).

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