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Microwave Sun

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, April 16th, 2006 ~ 3pm

Have I mentioned yet that the sunlight here in Boulder is like microwave fast in terms of how fast you can get a tan? (I know, I know, the sunlight actually is many kinds of microwaves…but I’m referring to the speed of the ovens). I’ve always been pale as a sheet, and it takes me weeks of weekends to get even a slight tone. But for two or three days after work this week, I’ve managed to get outside and get about 20 minutes in, and even that late-afternoon sun managed to give me some tone on my face. 20 minutes here equals about three weekends in New England. I’ve also been struggling with my pants, trying to keep them low as I tan so as to not get a pants-line across my tummy. I haven’t started my back, and when I do I wonder if I can somehow manage to do it nude? I don’t see any practical way to do nude for the frontside — our fence in the backyard is high but not high enough to block the neighbor’s second-story view. Plus, what would a guy do to protect the frontside from sunburn, put a sock on it? But an ass is just an ass – the neighbors wouldn’t mind, would they? Well, my next blog will be written from jail. “What are you in for?” “My fuzzy ass.” “Yeah, ain’t that the truth.”

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