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Car trouble oh yeah and body trouble

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, March 5th, 2009 ~ 11am

A spam told me it was Daylight Savings Time this weekend, and sure enough, it is true. My first question was of course “is this the good one (where I get an extra hour to sleep in) or the bad one?”. It is the bad one. Darn.

My car wouldn’t start today so, when it finally did start, I took it to Dunstuhl’s Motors. I’d been needing to take it there anyway, since a couple years ago they told me my front brakes needed work. So hopefully they can fix both the starter and the brakes today. (Actually, last time it had this symptom it was not the starter but rather the shifter cable underneath the gear shift, which tells the car it is safely in Park. Without the knowledge it is in Park, the car will prevent itself from starting).

Bad timing, in terms of expense, but, needs to be done. Overdue to be done.

And maybe they can replace the air vent fan that still wails like a banshee or grinds like Madonna. Or whatever current pop star grinds. But that’s not a need.

I walked from Dinstuhl’s to Pearl and took the Hop bus to work. The free pass finally came in handy. As is always true, there was one nut on the bus. It is so sad that our species is so fragile in design that there is always one sick person per bus.

The sunlight through the bus windows was nice though, heating up my ears – which always turn freezing when I walk anywhere. Even back in junior high school, if I ran during gym class my ears would become cold and painful. I’m at work now and they still hurt a bit.

But not as much as my right shoulder, which has been suffering from a pulled muscle for about 4 or 5 days now. I am still in pain. Sometimes in the morning it is fine, but not today or yesterday. Sore all day long. Technically it is my Trapezius muscle. I have no idea when I pulled it. But I surely did, and badly. This could take weeks to go down.

On the plus side, my liver function test (taken after 1 month on the Lamisil medication for my foot) came out fine. I am not sure the Lamisil is working, but, it’s only 1 month into a 4 month treatment.

I still feel like I forgot something. But now I am starting to feel like it is not that I am forgetting something as much as I am moving forward in some subtle way, and this gives me a sense of a gap behind me.

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