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Posted in Dream by Will on Monday, March 9th, 2009 ~ 10am

Ew. I have this dream once and awhile. I’d moved out of the dorms of a college that resembled my junior high school, but for some reason the semester had started up again for a last week or two — and I was unable to find my former room. I knew it was room 3, but I couldn’t find it. After going through three floors looking for it, I gave up and flew around the campus. I followed a guy to his family home, where his wealthy family was having a fancy gathering, which including showing an old newsreel about themselves (some sort of Lindberg baby story). Later I left, and was in a car packed with people. I found myself seated next to myself. I got very perturbed by this, and started slapping and shouting at the duplicate, who was not very responsive and thus bred my suspicions about who the hell he was. I demanded that the car pull over. Later I found myself visiting my parents’ house, which had been slightly remodeled, and which had a clean living room (instead of packed of stuff as it really is). My father was there, but it was odd — I could see him in the room at his computer but he was also on the couch, and you couldn’t see him in both places at once. I ended up going over to him on the couch and held his hands and it was nice.

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